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Multidisciplinary design studio creating an evolving constellation of objects, environments and experiences for both self directed and select client projects.

The Studio

01. Self-Initiated Projects

Driven by endless curiosities, my self-directed projects range from a luxury furniture brand with pieces found in Canadian embassies around the world, to a toast and ice cream club located on a coastal island in the Pacific Northwest. I experiment within various fields of art and design, with the aim to create work that owns a sense of narrative, familiarity and soul.

02. Client Projects

Ranging from interior and brand experience design to creative direction, I work with select clients to create custom design projects with a near-obsessive attention to detail. Each project is custom tailored to individual needs and I approach commissions with a range of ideas, materials, and narratives that come together to create a bit of magic that lasts in people's minds.


Brent Raisin Branch Freedman

Brent (Branch to some, but that’s another story) leads the studio with an intuitive understanding of how brands, products, and people work together to create a little magic. Named “One to Watch” by Western Living Magazine and “The Best in the West” by the Globe and Mail, he is a notoriously serial creative, and has launched and designed brands, and products since he was skateboarding and playing music as a teenager. With curiosities and ambitions — from product design to spatial design and experiential installations, he is best known for creating work with playfulness and an unwavering dedication to craftsmanship.


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